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next level hunting show

Season 4 Coming in 2017!


We have a great opportunity for anyone that is seeking a venture in the Outdoor Television Industry. We have developed a show that has taken the stance on a “Group Buy” concept for you to have your own shared show at a very reasonable cost. PBOG are the executive producers of this show that will air on Pursuit Channel in 2016,Season 3 is airing April 2016. What concept is we will have up to 12 teams,minimum of 12 buy in to their very own Outdoor Television Show,this is not a contest. Each team will get their shared airtime on the show,we produce the final product. This is a great idea and a very low cost to get your “FOOT IN THE DOOR” so to say in the Outdoor Hunting/Videography Industry. You can then take Season 3 episodes and present them to sponsors for your own show or if you choose you can do Season 4 at a discount price.

Don Pollauf,the President of Pollauf Brother Outdoor Group LLC and President of Bowhunting Addiction TV explains:

This is a great way to get your start on tv for a minimal cost,a show from start to finish can cost in excess of $150,000. Also for the cost you can get your “FEET WET” to see if this is really what you expected in the industry.

Here are the details of what to expect:

$3500.00 per 2 person team for Season 3 of Next Level. You can add additional team members to your team but there will be an additional cost. We are doing a Team theme for two reasons,you need two people to film a hunt and also you can promote your show name as a “team”. This season is January 1st 2014-January 15th 2015,the cost includes editing and airtime only. You are Guaranteed to get 4 Segments out of 13 episodes. So to break it down a Segment is 5-6 minutes long and their are 4 per episode. So you will be in at least 4 episodes GUARANTEED! All you have to do is turn your footage in before a certain date to have it edited with rest of the footage to make the show. There are no limitations on what kind of show you are trying to start up,you could be hunting ducks or sitting in whitetail stand. Your weapon of choice is also up to you,once again there are no limitations.

You can also try to get a sponsors to help with the $3500.00 fee, we will include up to 4 sponsor logos at the end of your segment. You can also do a product spotlight if you want to cover a sponsors product and we will edit that into your segment. So there are many ways to get Sponsors involved to help cover your costs. If you have any further questions or want to join Season 3 of Next Level please contact us!!



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